140+ Supernatural Trivia Questions About The Winchesters


Everybody is aware of Supernatural, the epic present starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. It’s in regards to the two Winchester brothers looking monsters. Sam and Dean Winchester are legends, which is what makes their tales so fascinating. When you suppose you recognize the whole lot there may be to know in regards to the Winchester brothers, right here is a few Supernatural trivia to check your information.

Supernatural Trivia Questions And Solutions:

Here’s a Supernatural quiz for superfans. You’ll solely be capable to get these questions proper if you happen to’ve seen each episode. Good luck and stick with it, Wayward sons!

Who’re the primary two characters of ‘Supernatural’?

Sam and Dean are the 2 major characters on the present.

Azazel’s eyes are probably the most outstanding issues within the collection. What colour are they?

His eyes have been yellow in colour.

What’s God’s identify?

God’s identify is Chuck Shurley.

True or False: Dean and Sam have appeared in each episode of the present.

This assertion is true.

Which character is just not solely a hunter but additionally a pc hacker?

Charlie is a hunter and a hacker.

What language do the angels in Supernatural converse?

The angels converse Enochian.

What’s Crowley’s nickname for Sam Winchester?

Crowley calls Sam Moose.

In season three, to what tune does Sam get up to on Wednesday in episode eleven?

He wakes as much as the tune: ‘Again In Time’.

What’s the identify of Sam’s girlfriend within the very first episode of the collection?

Jessica Lee Moore was the girlfriend of Sam.

Dean was tortured by which demon in hell?

Alastair tortured Dean in hell.

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Why was Ellen Harvelle not within the third season?

Ellen was not within the third season because of a writers’ strike.

What 80s rock star is possessed by Lucifer in season 12 of Supernatural?

Rick Springfield is possessed by Lucifer in season twelve of the present.

Which angel was given the accountability to report the phrase of God?

Metatron was given the accountability to report the phrase of God.

What was the reason for Dean and Sam’s mom’s dying?

She was killed by a demon.

What number of instances does Dean die within the collection?

Lifeless dies over 100 instances in a single episode alone.

The character Bobby Singer made his first look during which season?

Bobby made his first look in season one.

Which character supplied the important thing of Solomon to Dean and Sam?

Bobby supplied the important thing of Solomon to Dean and Sam

Who’s Dean named after?

Dean is known as after his grandmother, Deanna Campbell.

Dean and Sam determined to stitch which character again collectively?

They determined to stitch Abaddon again collectively.

What are the nicknames of the angel Gabriel in ‘Supernatural‘?

Loki and The Trickster are the nicknames which are given to Gabriel.

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What’s Sam’s canine named?

Sam’s canine is known as Riot.

What’s the precise identify of Lightbringer?

Lucifer is named the lightbringer.

Who’re Sam and Dean’s mother and father?

Their mother and father are John and Mary Winchester.

What was the tune taking part in when Dean drives as much as Lucifer to confront Michael in episode 22 season 5?

‘Rock Of Ages’ was taking part in when Dean drives as much as Lucifer to confront Michael.

What’s the identify of Castiel’s human host?

“Jimmy” Novak is the identify of the human host Castiel embodies.

Jo begins looking during which season?

She begins looking in season two.

Which demon killed the mom of Dean and Sam?

Azazel killed the mom of Dean and Sam.

The place are Dean and Sam from?

They’re initially from Kansas.

Who’s the King of Hell?

Crowley is the king of hell.

What was the rationale Dean and Sam would transfer each week throughout their childhood?

Their dad was looking demons.

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What are the final names of Sam and Dean in ‘It’s A Horrible Life?’

Their names have been Sam Wesson and Dean Smith.

Who does Dean kill with the First Blade?

He kills Abaddon with the primary blade.

Which school did Sam Winchester go to?

Sam went to Stanford.

Within the second episode of the second season, what’s the monster’s identify who Sam and Dean are looking?

The identify of the monster is Rakshasa.

What was the title of the present initially going to be?

The present was initially going to be named Unnatural.

Within the episode ‘My Bloody Valentine’, to which place did Dean ask Castiel to ship Sam to maintain him away from demons, blood, and famine?

He requested Castiel to ship Sam to Montana.

How is a Ghoul killed in ‘Supernatural’?

Ghouls may be killed with a headshot.

What’s the different identify of the Genie who attacked Dean within the twentieth episode of season two?

Djinn, within the episode named ‘What Is And What By no means Ought to Be’.

What vampire helped Dean escape Purgatory?

Benny Lafitte helped Dean escape Purgatory.

Within the first episode of season one, what’s the LSAT rating of Sam?

His LSAT rating is 174.

Wherein episode do Sam and Dean first witness the Trickster?

‘Tall Tales’ is the primary episode that entails the Trickster.

Extra Questions About The Winchester Brothers

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Query: Who does Castiel suppose is the funniest angel within the garrison?
Reply: He believes Uriel is the funniest angel.

Query: What was the rationale Sam Winchester killed Madison?
Reply: She was a werewolf.

Query: What does Dean name his 1967 Chevy Impala?
Reply: He calls his automotive child.

Query: The place did Sam and all the opposite psychics go to within the episode ‘All Hell Breaks Unfastened Half One’?
Reply: They went to Chilly Oak, South Dakota.

Query: How is a Vetala killed?
Reply: They’re killed with a silver knife to the guts.

Query: Who occurs to be the cousin of a werewolf in ‘Supernatural’?
Reply: A Skinwalker was the cousin of a werewolf.

Query: What’s the household enterprise?
Reply: The household enterprise is saving folks, looking issues.

Query: What was Bobby Singer’s Rottweiler named?
Reply: His canine is known as Rumsfeld.

Query: Who does Dean meet first in his afterlife in season 15?
Reply: He met Bobby Singer within the afterlife.

Query: Which demon was the final of the 66 seals?
Reply: Lilith was the final of the 66 seals.

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Query: What has Sam been petrified of since childhood?
Reply: Sam has been petrified of clowns since childhood.

Query: Which angel had the intention of restarting the apocalypse after going to heaven in season six?
Reply: Raphael had the intention of restarting the apocalypse.

Query: What pretense does Dean make on the eighteenth episode of the second season?
Reply: He pretends to be a PA within the episode ‘Hollywood Babylon’.

Query: Which lead antagonist was killed in season six?
Reply: Eve was killed in season six.

Query: Wherein episode do Dean and Sam sing the well-known Bon Jovi tune, ‘Wished Lifeless Or Alive’?
Reply: They sang this tune within the episode entitled ‘No Relaxation For The Depraved’.

Query: What identify do Sam and Dean use to search out one another when they’re separated?
Reply: They use the identify Jim Rockford.

Query: What was the tune that Sam and Dean tried to sing within the episode ‘A Very Supernatural Christmas’?
Reply: They tried to sing ‘Silent Evening’. This occurred within the eighth episode of the third season.

Query: What number of instances has Sam been below possession by angels and demons?
Reply: He has been possessed 3 times, as soon as by an angel and twice by demons.

Query: What’s the actual first identify of Charlie Bradbury?
Reply: Celeste is Charlie’s actual identify.

Query: What number of instances are there crossroads concerned within the plot within the second season of the present?
Reply: Crossroads are concerned two instances within the second season of the present.

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Query: In “Scoobynatural” (season 13, episode 16), who makes out with Velma?
Reply: Sam makes out with Velma, regardless that Dean tries to make out with Daphne all episode.

Query: Which character killed Jessica within the pilot episode of the present?
Reply: Brady killed Jessica within the pilot of the present.

Query: Who wished to be Lucifer’s Queen in season eleven of the collection?
Reply: Rowena wished to be the Queen.

Query: Jimmy Novak was the vessel of which two angels?
Reply: Jimmy has been the vessel for each Lucifer and Castiel.

Query: Ellen Harvelle owns what sort of enterprise?
Reply: Ellen owns a bar.

Query: Who was single-handedly liable for the extinction of the unique Males of Letters?
Reply: Abaddon is liable for the extinction of the Males of Letters.

Query: In episode 5 of season two, how does Dean describe Andy’s van?
Reply: Dean describes the van as magnificent.

Query: Have you learnt the order of psychics that die in ‘All Hell Breaks Unfastened: Half One’?
Reply: Lily, Andy, Ava, Sam, and Jake.

Query: Which flight crashed initially of the fourth episode of season one?
Reply: United Britannia Flight 2485 crashed initially of the episode.

Query: What did the demon Azazel do to gasoline the struggle in opposition to people?
Reply: He made infants drink blood to gasoline the struggle in opposition to people.

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Query: The position of Ruby has been performed by what number of actors?
Reply: She has been performed by two separate actors.

Query: What’s one other identify that Amara is thought by?
Reply: She is also called the Darkness.

Query: What’s the license plate variety of Dean’s Chevy Impala throughout all of season 1 and most of season 2?
Reply: Dean’s license plate is KAZ 2Y5.

Query: What can decelerate a Leviathan?
Reply: Three issues can decelerate a Leviathan: Decapitation, Borax, and Witchcraft.

Query: After the top of the present, who from the solid stored the Impala?
Reply: Jensen Ackles stored the Impala after the present completed filming.

Query: Within the first episode of the second season, what’s the official time of dying of John?
Reply: John dies at 10.41 AM.

Query: Castiel is what sort of creature?
Reply: Castiel is an angel.

Query: What does Dean turn out to be within the first episode of season two?
Reply: Dean turns into a reaper within the first episode of the second season.

Query: Out of all of the seasons, during which one did Crowley turn out to be the King of Hell?
Reply: He turns into the King of Hell in season 5.

Query: Within the twentieth episode of the second season, what chore does Dean say he loves doing?
Reply: Dean says he loves mowing the garden.

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Query: What angel used a human vessel named “Alfie” who labored at Weiner Hut?
Reply: Samandriel used a human vessel named Alfie.

Query: What hunter died whereas saving Sam and Dean from a hellhound?
Reply: Jo Harvelle died whereas saving the brothers from a hellhound.

Query: Wherein season of Supernatural is the angel Castiel first launched?
Reply: Castiel is first launched in season 4 of the present.

Query: The actor Misha Collins performs which character within the collection?
Reply: He performs Castiel.

Query: Who performed the position of John Winchester?
Reply: Jeffrey Dean Morgan performs the character of John Winchester.

Query: Which actor performed the character of Dean Winchester?
Reply: Jensen Ackles performs the character of Dean.

Query: Who performed the position of Mary Winchester?
Reply: Samantha Smith performs the position of Mary Winchester.

Query: Jared Padalecki performed which character within the collection?
Reply: Jared performs the position of Sam.

Query: Bobby Singer, who had his first look within the first season, is performed by which actor?
Reply: Jim Beaver performs the position of Bobby.

Query: The position of Kevin Tran is performed by which character?
Reply: Osric Chau performs the position of Kevin.

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Query: Mark Pellegrino performed which position within the collection?
Reply: Lucifer is performed by Mark Pellegrino.

Query: Which actor performs the character of Crowley?
Reply: Mark Sheppard performed the position of Crowley.

Query: When is Dean’s birthday?
Reply: Dean Winchester’s birthday is January 24, however Jensen Ackles, who portrays this character, was born March 1.

Query: Who’s the creator of Supernatural?
Reply: Eric Kripke is the creator of the present.

Query: What sort of automotive does Dean drive?
Reply: Dean drives a black Chevy Impala.

Query: What’s the identify of Crowley’s mom?
Reply: Rowena is Crowley’s mom, regardless that the actress who performs her is older than him in actual life.

Query: How is it that these two all the time have the cash that they want for his or her a number of cell telephones, weapons, analysis, laptops, fits, motel rooms, and naturally, fuel cash for the automotive?
Reply: The one identified sources of earnings for the Winchesters are bank card scams, poker video games, and taking part in pool.

Query: What snack can Dean by no means depart a fuel station with out?
Reply: He by no means leaves the fuel station with out pie.

Query: What was the unique idea of the present?
Reply: The unique idea had a reporter going to research the city legends and writing about them in his column, as an alternative of getting the Dean and Sam crew up looking idea.

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Query: Which is used to repel ghosts?
Reply: Salt is used to repel ghosts.

Query: Which character is thought for saying “idjits”?
Reply: Bobby Singer is thought for utilizing this phrase.

Query: What does Dean put on that seems to be an amulet used to search out God?
Reply: He wears a necklace.

Query: What do they name the gun used to kill the yellow-eyed demon?
Reply: The gun is known as The Colt.

Query: What sort of diploma was Sam attempting to earn from Stanford?
Reply: He was attempting to earn a regulation diploma.

Query: Who steals Castiel’s grace?
Reply: Metatron steals his grace.

Query: Which creature makes use of Castiel to flee from Purgatory?
Reply: Leviathans use Castiel to flee from Purgatory.

Query: What do Sam and Dean suppose Gabriel is after they first meet him?
Reply: They suppose he’s a trickster.

Query: The place have been Sam and Dean born?
Reply: They have been born in Kansas.

Query: Who does Dean get “the Mark” from?
Reply: He will get the mark of Cain.

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Query: Which of Sam’s girlfriends was burned on the ceiling?
Reply: Jessica Moore was burned on the ceiling.

Query: Which Winchester goes via the trials to close the gates of Hell?
Reply: Sam goes via trials to close the gates of hell.

Query: What’s the identify of Sam and Dean’s half-brother?
Reply: Adam is their half-brother.

Query: Which angel is Sam the vessel of?
Reply: Lucifer.

Query: Who manipulates Sam into releasing the Satan?
Reply: Ruby.

Query: Who hacks into Dick Roman’s e mail?
Reply: Charlie Bradbury.

Query: How does Bobby get paralyzed?
Reply: He stabs himself.

Query: How lengthy was Dean given after making a deal to carry his brother again?
Reply: He was given one 12 months.

Query: What creature does Crowley suppose will lead him to Purgatory?
Reply: An alpha.

Query: With whom does Dean attempt to begin a household?
Reply: Lisa.

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Query: Who’s God’s sister?
Reply: Amara is God’s sister.

Query: In season 1, episode 1, we discover Sam in school. Dean reveals as much as let Sam know that their Dad is on a looking journey. They set off to search out him collectively. What city do Sam and Dean head to?
Reply: Jericho, California.

Query: Which supernatural being may be recognized best via a CCTV digital camera?
Reply: Shapeshifters are simple to determine via CCTV cameras.

Query: How previous have been the brothers when their mother died?
Reply: Dean was 4 when his mom died and Sam was six months previous.

Query: Which character steals supernatural gadgets and sells them on the black market?
Reply: Bela Talbot steals supernatural gadgets and sells them on the black market.

Query: There have been plenty of creatures on the present over the primary six seasons. What number of episodes concerned witches?
Reply: 4 seasons.

Query: Which character comes again soulless?
Reply: Sam Winchester comes again soulless.

Query: John Winchester died during which episode(s)?
Reply: “In My Time of Dying” and “Within the Starting”.

Query: What sort of music is Supernatural identified for?
Reply: Traditional Rock.

Query: What have been the brothers attempting to stop in season 4?
Reply: Lucifer rising.

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Query: The primary six seasons of “Supernatural” additionally had some episodes with shifters. What number of episodes?
Reply: 4 episodes included shifters.

Query: Who introduced Castiel again from Purgatory?
Reply: Naomi introduced Castiel again from Purgatory.

Query: Which band performs on the radio in “No Exit” when Ellen and Dean are sitting within the entrance seats of the Impala?
Reply: Foreigner was taking part in on the radio.

Query: Meg Masters made an look in a number of episodes. In “Shadow”, Sam watched as Meg received wearing her condominium. Meg had a tattoo on which a part of her physique?
Reply: She has a tattoo on her left shoulder.

Query: Which character says this? “What have been you considering taking pictures Casper within the face, you freak?”
Reply: Sammy says this line.

Query: What was Gordon’s final identify?
Reply: Walker.

Query: Sam and Dean found that the angel Balthazar was promoting heaven’s weapons in change for human souls during which episode?
Reply: “The Third Man.”

Query: Sam and Dean Winchester have been named after which family?
Reply: Maternal grandparents.

Query: What’s Sam’s birthday?
Reply: Sam Winchester’s birthday is Could 2, however Jared Padalecki, who performs Sam, was born July 19.

Query: Wherein episode did Sam first uncover he may transfer one thing together with his thoughts, and Dean informed his brother that, “So long as I’m round, nothing dangerous’s ever going to occur to you.”?
Reply: “Nightmare.”

Query: Which two characters in “Supernatural” shared the identical birthdate?
Reply: Dean and Jessica.

Query: Within the episode “The Benders”, what sort of automotive did the Sheriff’s brother drive?
Reply: Black Mustang.

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